Medical mask "Dolce-Pharm", three-layer elastic band with a carbon filter, pack of 100 pieces. Made in Kazakhstan

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Medical mask "Dolce-Pharm" three-layer with elastic band with carbon filter in package No. 100.

Protective masks with elastic bands with carbon filter use a unique filter material consisting of fibrous activated carbon. The technological feature of this filtering material is that it contains 99.5% pure carbon and has a large sorbent surface.
One gram of such material is capable of trapping up to 200 mg of harmful substances.
Bacteria, viruses and pollutant molecules to be removed are retained on the surface of the activated carbon by intermolecular van der Waals forces.

Carbon filter masks prevent harmful particles, molecules and viruses from entering through the filter element. Filtration efficiency of even submicroparticles down to 0.01 μm 99.9%

Dolce-Pharm is the only manufacturer and supplier of this type of product on the domestic market.

Composition and description of the product.

Medical mask "Dolce-Pharm" three-layer elastic band with carbon filter in a pack of 100 pieces (No. 100), disposable, rectangular (18 cm x 10 cm ± 2 cm) in the middle have 3 seals in the form of an accordion-shaped material. The edges of the masks are wrapped and glued.
In the upper part of the mask, at a distance of ~ 5 mm, a wire 9 ± 2 cm long is inserted into the material.

Closed elastic bands 15-16 cm long are soldered on the sides of the masks with elastic bands at a distance of ~ 5 mm from the upper and lower edges. The mask consists of an upper layer of non-woven material with a density of 20 g / m2, a carbon filter and a lower layer of non-woven material of 20 g / m2.

The mask effectively protects the respiratory system from dust, bacteria and possible infection with infectious diseases.

The flexible nasal retainer helps the mask to fit snugly to the face, and the soft rubber bands comfortably fix the mask without causing skin irritation.
The mask is made of high quality spunbond non-woven material and contains a special charcoal filter inside.

Application area

Medical mask "Dolce-Pharm" three-layer elastic band with a carbon filter in package No. 100, used to protect against harmful impurities for humans (gases, particles, viruses and bacteria), allergens transmitted by airborne droplets, used when dealing with weakened patients, they are also used in the process of carrying out repair work, the seasons of massive spread of ARVI to protect others from illness in medical treatment and preventive institutions, beauty treatment salons and in everyday life.

Mode of application

Place the mask in front of the face, with the inserted wire side outward, holding onto the elastic bands, putting the elastic bands behind the ears, put on the mask so that the airways are covered with the mask. If necessary, grasping the upper and lower edges of the mask with your fingers, pull in different directions to increase the area of ​​the face protected by the mask. Slightly press the nose retainer (the wire in the upper part of the mask) to the left and right of the nose with your fingers for a more comfortable and snug fit of the mask on the face.


Storage conditions

Medical mask "Dolce-Pharm", three-layer with elastic band with a carbon filter, pack of 100 pieces № 100.

Should be stored in a dry, heated room at a temperature from -25 C to + 35 C on racks, at a distance of at least 1 meter from heating devices, in places protected from aggressive environments. Humidity no more than 75%.


Shelf life

5 years. Do not use after the expiration date.


The address of the organization that accepts claims on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan from consumers on the quality of products (goods):

Manufacturer: LLP "DOLCE" Legal address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Iliyskiy district, st. Central 1

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