Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy rights and want you to feel confident and comfortable on the website. This Privacy Policy defines relationships with personal identification information (hereinafter referred to as "Data") that we may collect on our website. This Policy is not applicable to other legal entities that are not our property, or are not under our control, or employees who are not our employees, are not under our control.

Please take the time to read our security policy carefully.

Collection of user information

The registration process requires only a valid email address, telephone number, a unique User ID and password. Providing us with other information is at your sole discretion. We are sure to ask for an e-mail address (e-mail), which is needed for quick and secure password recovery or for the portal administration to contact you in an emergency (for example, before deleting the registration due to non-use). This address will never be used by the mailing portal, except for those you explicitly subscribe to. Note that your user name, email address and / or other personal data provided to us may contain your real name or other information, and as a result may appear on the pages of this site. Like many other sites, we can also automatically receive and record technical information from your browser into server protocols (logs): IP address, cookie and address of the requested page. Information about how the posted information is maintained on this site is defined further in the text.

data usage

We may use the Data to customize and provide additional options for using our site. We make efforts to ensure that your data is not provided to a third party, despite their support for this Privacy Policy; your consent received by us, for example, when you choose participation or non-participation in the distribution of Data; (services presented on our site or provided to us require interaction with a third party, as an example of an Application Service Provider; (compliance with legal processes or legal requirements; we find that your use of the site violates this Policy, Terms of Use, other directives and guidelines used or considered reasonable are our requirements to protect your legal rights and / or property; or this site is acquired by a third party whereby this third party will have access to the Data in the part we We may establish this in the future in this Policy. In the event that you choose to use links that appear on our site to visit other web sites, you should familiarize yourself with the privacy policies applied to these other sites.


Like many other sites, we can set and use cookies on the user's computer. We allow other companies delivering advertisements for some of our pages to set and use cookies on your computer. The use of cookies by other companies is subject to their confidentiality agreements and is not governed by this document. Advertisers or other companies do not have access to the cookies on our site.

Changes and deletions of your personal information by employees of the administration

We give you the opportunity to change your user information that you provided during registration on your personal page. You can request to delete your registration information by calling the phone number listed in the details of the site. The content and / or other data and materials that you could provide us and that do not contain within your User information, such as your articles, messages, files, etc., may continue to remain on the site at our discretion, even if your registration has been terminated.

Change in privacy policy

We may make changes to our Privacy Policy. We will notify you of significant changes in the treatment of personal information either by placing a noticeable advertisement on our website, or by sending a notification to your email address that you provided when registering on the website.

Disclaimer of Warranties

While this Policy sets our standards for the preservation and maintenance of Data and we make efforts to comply with them, we do not guarantee full compliance with these standards. There are many factors beyond our control that can lead to data loss. As a result, we disclaim all warranties, implied and explicit, as well as requirements for the preservation and non-disclosure of Data.